Arnhem Fine.

Arnhem Fine Design Information

The TYPE BY Arnhem Fine fonts are the titling companions to the Arnhem family. Arnhem is a formal typeface with crispier display details, such as serifs or curve connections. Another important difference to the Arnhem text fonts lies in the design proportions: Arnhem Fine features glyphs with longer ascenders and descenders, and a smaller x-height than the Arnhem text fonts.

Typographers who wish to achieve an impressive title page, where the drawing and general character of the typeface plays an important role, then Arnhem Fine is the right choice. Arnhem Fine does not have the typical text components, such as small caps or non-lining figures. Instead it consists out of a compact but efficient weight range of roman and matching italic designs. Arnhem Fine complements the Arnhem text and Arnhem Display fonts, and completes the Arnhem superfamily.

Arnhem Fine fonts are available in OTF CFF, TTF, WOFF and WOFF2 formats.

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