Remo Stencil.

Remo Stencil Design Information

TYPE BY Remo Stencil is designed by Thomas Thiemich and is part of Stencil Fonts Series. Remo Stencil is Thiemich’s fourth typeface, joining his Fakt, Fakt Slab and Alto.

Remo Stencil is one of three sans serifs in the Stencil Fonts Series, joining Greco Stencil and Orly Stencil. If Greco Stencil is late nineteenth century and Orly Stencil is boldly now, then Remo Stencil is mid twentieth century, when graphic designers infiltrated the world of typefaces. Its glyphs are constantly moving: strokes advance, turn, and deflect in moves of mock-serious precision. Breaks articulate the moves – an effect amplified by the design’s heavy weight – and so become dynamically integral to glyph structure and action. And Remo Stencil has one more game to play: contextual alternates that reposition breaks in adjacent repeating letters, insuring a mischievous variety.

Remo Stencil is available in OTF CFF, TTF, WOFF, and WOFF2 formats.

The Stencil Fonts Series was launched on April 19 2012 to accompany the exhibition ‘Between Writing & Type: the Stencil Letter’ held at Catapult Gallery, Antwerp. Curated by Eric Kindel and Fred Smeijers, the exhibition showcased the history and development of the stencil letter and displayed a selection of historical and contemporary artifacts and their applications.

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