Fresco Informal.

Fresco Informal Design Information

TYPE BY Fresco Informal is the more playful part of the Fresco family. The Informal fonts can be mixed with the Fresco text fonts, as you like. The design proportions such as x-height and the capital height are the same. Fresco Informal is available in five weights: light, normal, semibold, bold and black. All fonts have matching italics, as well as lining and non-lining figures.

Fresco Informal, contrary to its name, is suitable for composing texts the fonts behave very well in small sizes. However, their character is less suitable for texts of a very formal nature. On the other hand, Informal is handsome and pleasant in larger sizes and very suitable for any daily and contemporary work which has to reach a big audience.

Fresco Informal fonts are available in OTF CFF, TTF, WOFF and WOFF2 formats.

The Fresco superfamily consists out of Fresco, Fresco Sans, Fresco Plus, Fresco Plus Sans, Fresco Informal, and Fresco Script.

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