Orly Design Information

TYPE BY Orly Stencil is designed by Pierre Pané-Farré, and is Pierre’s first published typeface.

Orly Stencil has its roots in the work of cutting small stencils from paper, card or film using simple tools like scissors or knives. Such stencils are usually free of complex curves and other fine details simply because they are difficult to produce with any precision. By avoiding these difficulties, Pierre Pané-Farré - the designer of Orly, has created energetic word-images from a frugal diet of shapes. A sanserif, non-stencil, version of Orly is in development.

Orly Stencil is one in a series of stencil fonts originally released as part of the OurType Stencil Series. Orly Stencil’s first release coincided with the opening of the exhibition ‘Between Writing & Type: the Stencil Letter’ on 19 April 2012 at Catapult gallery, in Antwerp. The exhibition was curated by Eric Kindel and Fred Smeijers and showcased the history and development of the stencil letter and displayed a selection of historical and contemporary artifacts and their applications.

Orly is available in basic Latin character set and in OTF CFF, TTF, WOFF, and WOFF2 formats.

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