Fakt Slab Stencil.

Fakt Slab Stencil Design Information

Fakt Slab Stencil is designed by Thomas Thiemich and is his seventh design, following Alto, Fakt, Fakt Slab, Fakt Soft, Remo, and Remo Stencil. Fakt Slab Stencil joins other TYPE BY’s slab serif families that include Fresco Informal, Sansa Slab, and Stan.

Like the other members of the Fakt superfamily, Fakt Slab and its progeny Fakt Slab Stencil are elegantly monolinear. But in creating a stencil variant of Fakt Slab, merely adding breaks was never going to be enough for Thiemich, whose typefaces all make clever use of font technology. The urge to push the envelope meant that Fakt Slab Stencil would not be just a stylistic afterthought; it would be a new conception full of surprises.

And indeed, that’s what you get, a typeface whose gentle smile can erupt into a full-bodied laugh – at your discretion.

Begin by typing as you would with any normal typeface. Need a standard ligature? Fakt Slab Stencil boasts the usual uppercase and lowercase provision. Now type in uppercase only and watch the ligatures multiply. At their simplest, these help you avoid repetitions of glyphs: try the double-O ligature, for example, or the double-A or -G. But that’s just the start; try other combinations and see what happens – the ligatures abound. In fact there are so many – more than 560 in total – that there’s a ligature for almost every capital letter combination, helping you turn any word into a compact, muscular, dynamic logo – amazing! Download the PDF and see this sophisticated and powerful design tool in action.

Fakt Slab Stencil consists of ten weights of roman designs. Like the other family members, Fakt Slab Stencil encompasses an extended range of thin weights, including the ethereal ‘Air’. The Pro character set includes small caps, stylistic alternates, and a basic set of figures. Additional features include small cap, lining, and old style figures (each in tabular and proportional widths); fractions; comprehensive superiors, inferiors, numerators, and denominators; case sensitive punctuation sets; mathematical and monetary symbols; arrows; standard and discretionary ligatures (with their stylistic alternates); and a complete range of accents for all Western, Central, and East European languages based on the Latin script.

Fakt Slab Stencil is available in OTF, TTF, WOFF and WOFF2 formats.

Supported Languages