Do you offer other types of licenses other than Desktop, Web, and Mobile App Licenses?

Yes, we do. Next to the three standard licenses available for purchase online, we offer additional license types covering the following use of TYPE BY Font Software:

— embedding in electronic publications
— embedding in web applications
— embedding in software
— embedding in electronic devices
— gaming use
— broadcasting and streaming of audio-visual titles
— social media use
— merchadise
— alphabet and/or letterform-related products, intended for commercial distribution
— letterform creation products or devices, intended for commercial distribution
— storing, caching, serving or providing access the font software to third parties via the internet, for use or display on the internet.

All additional license types require customisation to meet your specific needs and therefore are only available by request to our customer service. As technology evolves and new applications emerge, your intended use of TYPE BY Font Software might not yet be listed above.

Contact us to clarify your licensing needs or upgrade your current license.

Do you offer Corporate License packs or custom licenses?

Yes, we certainly do. With over 30 years in typeface design and development business and 20 years of Font Software distribution, we are attuned to the most demanding clients' needs and offer a stellar customer service. That's why our typeface designs and Font Software can be found in world's finest design applications. Contact us to discuss your licensing needs.

I have purchased a license before 2019 but lost my fonts. Can you help me restore my purchase?

Yes, we do, if you can provide us a copy of your past purchase invoice or detailed order confirmation on your name.

I have got a notice from Adobe saying "PostScript Type 1 fonts end of support”, and my font files would not load. How can you help?

If you have purchased a Desktop license from other vendors between 1992 and 2004, delivering PS Type 1 fonts, we offer upgrades to the current versions of our font software and licenses at a discounted rate. Contact us to provide a copy of your past purchase invoice or detailed order confirmation on your name.

I need to make a design proposal for a client. Do you offer fonts without a commercial license (also called Trial Fonts)?

No, at present we only offer our font software under a commercial license, such as: Desktop, Web, Mobile App, among others. If you require access to TYPE BY fonts, you must acquire an appropriate license first.

I love your fonts. Where can I see which Open Type features do they support?

On every product page, under each single style field, we offer the option to type and preview your own custom text. Toggles offer additional options to increase or decrease the text, apply the changes to all available single styles, as well as activation and preview of the supported OpenType features. It is good to know that in order to preview a OTF feature, you might need to type the appropriate glyphs a required feature would apply to. For example, if you wish to preview the number 1885 in Small Cap figures, you must first type '1885' and then activate the 'Small Capitals from Capitals' feature. This will turn the default figures - usually Lining Figures - into Small Capitals figures.

Which payment methods do you offer?

All licenses purchased online are paid securely with Mastercard, VISA, or American Express credit cards. EU customers acquiring custom license packs or individual licenses via our customer service, may pay their orders with a SEPA wire transfer.

Do your license prices include VAT?

No, the prices shown on our online boutique product pages do not include VAT. VAT may be added to your order at check-out as required by the Belgian and EU fiscal authorities.

Our Font Software is primarily intended for professional and/or business use. If you are a business customer residing in the EU, you might be able to offset the legally applicable VAT through the EU Reverse Charge.

Private individuals and professional customers residing in the EU, who are not VAT-registered in their country of residence, will see the 21% VAT applied to their license price at check-out.

VAT does not apply to orders placed by customers who do not reside in the EU. VAT will apply to all orders placed by business customers and private individuals residing in Belgium.