Information about Additional Licenses

Next to the three standard - Desktop, Web, and Mobile App - licenses available for purchase online, TYPE BY offers additional license types covering the following uses:

— embedding in HTML5 advertisements
— embedding in electronic publications
— embedding in web applications
— embedding in software
— embedding in electronic devices
— gaming use
— broadcasting and streaming of audio-visual titles
— social media use
— merchandise
— alphabet and/or letterform-related products, intended for commercial distribution
— letterform creation products or devices, intended for commercial distribution
— desktop license (limited), intended for service bureaus
— web license (limited), intended for web developers
— storing, caching, serving or providing access the font software to third parties via the internet, for use or display on the internet.

All additional license types require customisation to meet your specific needs and therefore are only available by request through our customer service.

As technology evolves and new applications emerge, your intended use of TYPE BY Font Software might not yet be listed above. Contact us to clarify your licensing needs or upgrade your current license.